Yellow Brick Road Early Learning Center

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When was your organization founded and what is its mission statement?

Yellow Brick Road was founded in 1977.

MISSION STATEMENT: Yellow Brick Road Early Learning Center, Inc., is a non-profit organization offering educational programs for children ages six weeks to six years, is guided by the complementary values of social diversity, personal responsibility, and developmentally appropriate education. We believe that every child has the potential to be a productive, engaged member of the community. Embracing our role as an institution that both serves and is sustained by the local community, Yellow Brick Road is one of the only early childhood facilities in the Rockbridge area providing need-based scholarships. Ultimately, Yellow Brick Road seeks to lay an educational and social foundation for all students, guiding each child towards his or her potential in a loving and nurturing environment.

Who is your director?

Misty Camden

What programs and services does your organization offer and to whom are they offered?

We offer educational programs for children ages six weeks to six years. We provide a scholarship program based on income for those who need help with tuition.

Please list any community partnerships:

We are currently partnering with the Early Head Start Program.

What volunteer opportunities are available at your agency?

We welcome volunteers are our facility! We would love to have people come in to read to the children. We also have a few children that need one-on-one assistance. So, volunteering to become that child’s mentor would be great! We also need help with yard work.

Please list your organization’s website and links to any social media accounts: