Natural Bridge/Glasgow Food Pantry

When was your organization founded and what is its mission statement?

The Natural Bridge/Glasgow Food Pantry was organized in or around the year 1992. Its mission is to supplement the food needs of Southern Rockbridge County communities.

Who is your director?

Brenda Shiley is President of the Board of Directors.

What programs and services does your organization offer and to whom are they offered?

The Natural Bridge/Glasgow Food Pantry offers food assistance to individuals & households that qualify under USDA food assistance guidelines in the communities of Southern Rockbridge County. Donated food can be given in emergency situations based on need.

Please list any available statistics demonstrating your organization’s recent successes:

The need for food assistance has grown considerably since 1993 when the food pantry was organized. That year, 12,000 pounds of food was distributed. Based on an average, (small and large boxes) 75 pounds are used to calculate weight of food boxes. USDA guidelines are followed; income, family sizes, federal food stamps, etc. In 2013 a total of 280,125 pounds of food was distributed; 3,735 households served. In 2014 a total of 325,500 pounds of food was distributed; 4,340 households served. January – October 2015 a total of 229,200 pounds of food was distributed and 3,056 households served. Statistics from November-January are being compiled.

Please list any community partnerships:

The Blue Ridge Food Bank Network at Verona, VA to acquire USDA food. The Natural Bridge/Glasgow Food Pantry’s board of directors consists of 2 representatives from partner churches in the communities of Southern Rockbridge County.

What volunteer opportunities are available at your agency?

Load/unload & transports food, collect boxes, pack food boxes, distributes food; maintain food inventory; drive U-Haul truck to pick up USDA food, pick up donated food from area grocers, pick up venison from Hunter’s for the Hungry, maintenance of pantry facility, record keeping, bank deposits, complete reports for USDA guidelines, apply for grants & other money, food drives, maintaining/organizing volunteers, cleaning freezers & coolers, cleaning pantry facility, attend meetings, etc…. too numerous to think of everything.

Why is working for this organization important to you?

Service to fellow citizens in need. It is my duty as a Christian & is very rewarding to help others. I pray others would do as much for me in my time of need should it arise.

What is your favorite memory of working with this organization?

Satisfaction of helping those in need & fellowship w/ like-minded citizens.