What does United Way of Rockbridge do?

Our mission statement: The United Way of Rockbridge takes a leadership role in improving the quality of life of the people in the Rockbridge area by assessing needs, raising and allocating funds, and ensuring the appropriate use of those resources by the community.

In short, we raise money to fund agencies and hold agencies accountable for measurable outcomes, lead initiatives to improve our community, and help support those in need!

How does are funds allocated to agencies?

The Allocations Committee is responsible for making a recommendation to the United Way Board on how the net funds raised by the annual United Way Campaign will be distributed. The process of making this determination is as follows:

  • The agencies and organizations wishing to receive an allocation from UWR will complete an Agency Funding Application for each program they propose.
  • A two-person Community Review Team meets with the requesting agencies’ management to review and evaluate the Funding Application.
  • The Review Team presents the Funding Application Package to the Allocations Committee and provides a grant recommendation based on its findings.
  • The Allocations Committee reviews the Funding Application Package including the Review Team’s recommendation and grant funds for each agency and program and makes a recommendation to the Board.
  • The United Way Board reviews the recommendations and sets agency allocations for the coming campaign.
  • The amount of a grant awarded by the United Way Board is based on established evaluation criteria and the availability of funds.
  • Funded agencies are required to submit annual reports on their use of United Way funds.


What is Rockbridge Reads!?

Rockbridge Reads!, a Community Impact initiative, seeks to enhance the lives of all people living in the Rockbridge area by nurturing a culture of learning. An initiative of the United Way of Rockbridge, we work with families, schools and local agencies to create opportunities for every child to succeed. By engaging the whole community, we build solutions to benefit us all.

Partnerships include the Rockbridge Regional Library, W&L, VMI and SVU students and Kendal at Lexington. Together, we provide free books, children’s programs, educational materials, Little Libraries and more!

Rockbridge Reads! Is a program based on helping coordinate and empower individuals and organizations to work together for common goals. This program, while lead by United Way, does not compete against our agencies for funding.


Why should I give to the United Way?

Charitable giving is a personal and voluntary decision and the United Way encourages you to do what is most comfortable to you. A gift to the United Way is an investment that benefits the entire community, not just one program, issue, or population.


What if I don’t want my money to go to a certain agency?

Not every agency appeals to every donor, but all agencies have met the meticulous standards of our United Way and the programs we fund meet needs within our community. However, you can designate to any one agency that fits your needs or prohibit your donation to any agency.


Are all United Ways the same?

There are approximately 1,400 United Ways across the country that exist in their respective communities to build partnerships and leverage resources to create plans for long lasting community change. Though United Ways share a logo and have similar missions, each United Way is independently incorporated and is led by local staff and volunteers. The work of each United Way is determined by its community needs.

What is the easiest way to contribute?

Payroll deduction is by far the most convenient method of contribution. A small amount is taken from your paycheck per payday, allowing you to make a small contribution each week that can make a big difference in the course of a year.

Or, you can give using the Donate Now on the right ===>